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  • Spiritual Deadheading

    So that you aren’t misled by the title, I’ll say up front that this post is not about the wanderings of the dedicated fans of a certain 70’s and 80’s rock band. Deadheading in this case actually alludes to a… Read More ›

  • Rooted and Grounded

    I sometimes get discouraged when I don’t see growth in a particular area in my life after a certain amount of time. Sometimes it’s over a period of weeks, months, or even years; at other times, it seems like it’s… Read More ›

  • Revelation

    Can I even begin to grasp all the ways that my understanding settles in places that are profoundly shy of ultimate spiritual reality (i.e., God’s glorious truths)? And yet because I am often deceived, I fail to perceive just how… Read More ›