Polished Podcast w/Kat Armstrong

April 10, 2020. As part of Polished Women’s “Sheroes of the Faith” series, I spoke with Kat Armstrong about my 2 favorite women in the Bible (Rahab and Abigail), COVID-19, and where our ultimate hope

Someday is Here: Episode 21

April 13, 2020. Weeks before COVID-19 changed life as we knew it, I joined host Vivian Mabuni on the Someday is Here Podcast for a conversation about the stages of my ethnic journey. We talked about multi-generational trauma, Taiwanese history, Asian invisibility, the resilience of our immigrant parents, the transformative potential of looking at and understanding our history and others’, the complexities of engaging in racial justice, and more.

Someday is Here, Special Episode

March 24, 2020. Eugene Cho, Helen Lee, Seana Reavis, and I joined Someday is Here Podcast host Vivian Mabuni to discuss stigmatization of Asians and the resulting anti-Asian sentiment associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Long Game w/Jon Ward

September 18, 2020. I had a great conversation with Jon Ward (Yahoo! News) recently about how I came to the work of writing about race, faith, and justice after a career in medicine. We talked about our polarized times, the importance of nuance, the trickiness of language and terms, how historical knowledge impacts our understanding of the world and ourselves, and recovering the radical nature of the Christian life, particularly for those who have material wealth.

Uncommontary Podcast

March 11, 2020. I joined Uncommontary host Marty Duren to talk about the coronavirus threat and how Christians can respond.

Do Justice Podcast

February 10, 2020. On January 31, 2020, I had a conversation with Seventh-Day-Adventist-pastor-turned-lawyer Steve Allred on his Do Justice Podcast. We covered racial identity and assimilation, racism in the church, the importance of educating people about history, activism, spiritual discernment, the benefits and pitfalls of social media, the importance of place/locale and its role in cultivating faithfulness, and more.

What Are You Reading?

October 1, 2017. I sat down with my friends Ian North and Tim Rhodes for a fun conversation about building bridges, generational trauma, immigration, and books.

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