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Someday is Here Podcast

March 24, 2020. Eugene Cho, Helen Lee, Seana Reavis, and I joined Someday is Here Podcast host Vivian Mabuni to discuss stigmatization of Asians and the resulting anti-Asian sentiment associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Uncommontary Podcast

March 11, 2020. I joined Uncommontary host Marty Duren to talk about the coronavirus threat and how Christians can respond.

Do Justice Podcast

On January 31, 2020, I had a conversation with Seventh-Day-Adventist-pastor-turned-lawyer Steve Allred on his Do Justice Podcast. We covered racial identity and assimilation, racism in the church, the importance of educating people about history, activism, spiritual discernment, the benefits and pitfalls of social media, the importance of place/locale and its role in cultivating faithfulness, and more. 

The Crux (&) The Call

Christianity Today

Love Your Frenemies

October 19, 2018

Good Grit Magazine


A Moment to Breathe

Day 77: Rooted and Grounded

Day 147: It Starts with a Yes

Day 255: From the Old to the New

(in)courage Devotional Bible

The Wicked and the Righteous (1 Kings 21:29), p. 496

A Shadow of Fear and Doubt (1 Corinthians 15:58), p. 1621

We Must Look At Jesus (Hebrews 1:3), p.1737

Faithfully Magazine

Finding the Story Behind the Story

Missio Alliance

What Are You Reading Podcast

Practicing Incarnation: A conversation with my friends about Christianity, generational trauma, building bridges, immigration, and good books.

Options 2016 Conference – Cru Inner City

Discipleship: Aiming for the Heart

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