I Told My Husband I Had Feelings for Another Man

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I remember the moment I felt an unmistakable attraction to a man who wasn’t my husband. It would mark the beginning of an infatuation that waxed and waned for nearly a year. He and I were both active in a local community organization. For at least six months, we had greeted each other and exchanged superficial pleasantries on a weekly basis without anything remarkable transpiring. But on this particular day, we had a long, substantive conversation. Through it, I discovered that we not only shared many of the same perspectives but also clicked well—to the point my heart rate increased and the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck stood up.

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4 replies

  1. Wow, Judy, I so appreciate your transparency and vulnerability. Love you and Peter both so much.

    CINDY WU http://www.cindymwu.com

  2. I absolutely appreciate your willingness to help us grow by sharing from an extremely vulnerable and intimate place. I also find the openness and maturity in your relationship amazing and something I aspire to cultivate! God bless! ❤️

  3. You told your live in mother-in-law?!? Damn girl.

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