A Story About Butternut Squash and Being Human

SquashWhat does it mean to be truly human?  My atheist friends would propose something along the lines of being able to live up to the maximum potential of our current evolutionary state, with a view toward preserving social order and therefore species survival.  Atheist Makeesha Fisher says, “We believe humans are responsible for their decisions and the consequences of those decisions and that we can do amazing, wonderful, spectacular, generous, kind things to make the world a better place using our compassion and intelligence…”[1]  In many ways, we Christians live as if we believe that same humanitarian and beautifully articulated yet reductionist and functional view.  In Christ, however, God offers us infinitely more than a life of high-functioning humanitarianism.  What He offers is divine, sacred, and resurrectional living.   Click here to read more.

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